"I came to Hannah to lose weight and gain control over my eating... I was overweight, binge eating and I had no idea about nutrition"

"I've done so many diets before, and nothing has ever stuck, but working with Hannah was educational. Not only have I lost weight, I've gained confidence too, and my dog is happy because we go on more walks!"

-Chelsea Knight, 1:1 Personal Training Client

Main Goal: Fat Loss

"Hannah has supported me both physically and mentally over the last 4 months. Whenever I have a wobble or if I’m unsure about something whether it’s food or exercise she is always there to help. She also pushes me to achieve my best during my sessions"

-Beth Craig, 1:1 Personal Training Client

Main Goal: Fat Loss


"Hannah has given me the boost I need, or even a shoulder to cry on if needed! She is not only my Personal Trainer but a friend, she is always fun and motivational to be around. She has taught me to be more aware of what I’m putting in to my body and how to take better care of it for my health and mental health"

-Rachel Heron, 1:1 Personal Training Client 

Main Goal: Fat Loss & Toning 


Shannon is my youngest client and has shown whatever age you are, you can still change your lifestyle for the good. 

We have changed her daily habits from exercise to nutrition and the results speak for themselves. 

-Shannon Bransome, 1:1 Personal Training Client 

Main Goal: Fat Loss & Toning

"I have learnt with Hannah that I can enjoy the process of working out again. Something I had convinced myself that I hated... (comments do not apply to press ups and planks!). Hannah isn't only a personal Trainer, but I have found a new friend who holds me accountable and who I look forward to spending time with"

-Steph Yates, 1:1 Personal Training Client 

Main Goal: Increase overall health